$UND & $eUND

Dual Token Model

The Unstoppable ecosystem is built on two utility tokens.
  • $UND - Unstoppable Ecosystem Token
  • $eUND - Earned $UND
$UND and $eUND tokenomics and distribution are designed to ensure aligned incentives and positive-sum outcomes for both the protocol and its participants.
Both tokens can be staked for ecosystem RealYield and benefits. Read more: Staking

Supply and Inflation

$UND has a fixed maximum supply of 100M, with a starting supply of 30M.
20M was sold in a public sale. Read more:Tokensale
10M is available as DEX liquidity, paired with WETH and deployed to Uniswap as POL. Read more.
The remaining 70M starts as $eUND. This includes team allocation, protocol incentives, strategic partnerships and tokensale bonuses.
$UND supply increases only when $eUND is vested into $UND over 12 months.


$eUND - "earned" UND - must be earned to be received.
It is distributed to ecosystem participants for providing value to the ecosystem.
Unstoppable will not guarantee liquidity for $eUND and will not incentivize any $eUND liquidity.
Not incentivising an $eUND LP means that no community members will be an unsuspecting counterparty to a farm and dumper or whale. (Unless they willingly deploy their own liquidity to create this exit route and buy eUND for example at a discount to the current UND price)
$eUND tokens are fully transferable and can be sold OTC or on secondary user-generated markets


$eUND can be vested linearly over 12 months into $UND.
  • You vest 10,000 eUND on the first day of the year.
  • Every day until the first day of the following year you will be able to claim 10,000*(1/365) = 27.4UND.
While $eUND is vesting it cannot be used for anything else. i.e. staking or governance.

Token Comparison

No insider allocation at all.
Distributed to team, advisors and partners when earned.
100% of supply was distributed via tokensale and initial Uniswap liquidity.
Must be earned. i.e. ecosystem participant must provide value to the ecosystem
Unstoppable provides liquidity on Uniswap
Unstoppable does not provide liquidity on Uniswap
Can be staked in the ecosystem
Can be staked in the ecosystem
Can be vested into $UND over 12 months.

Token Utility


By staking $UND or $eUND, tokenholders lock their tokens in return for a share of protocol fees and revenue.
Read more: Staking

Evolving Governance

Unstoppable is on a path towards progressive decentralization. During the initial phases, the team will guide decisions to move quickly and with agility. As time progresses, on-chain governance will be implemented and progressively turned over to a DAO model led by token holders and the community.
Read more: Broken link

Future Use Cases

We already see potential for further use cases and utility for the $UND token.
These could include reduced fees across the Unstoppable ecosystem and use as collateral in a Masternode system.
Whatever features or usecases are added, the $UND token will continue to sit at the center of the Unstoppable Universe and its products.