Public Token Sale

The UND fair launch token sale occurred on March 29th, 2023, and lasted for six days. During this sale, 20% of the total UND supply was made available to the community.

This event marked the first and only sale of UND tokens. Significantly, there were no pre-sales to insiders, VCs, advisors, or even team members and contributors, ensuring a level playing field and true community-focused distribution.

The Fair Launch Design

The Unstoppable Fair Launch Token Sale was based on a Dutch auction model:

  1. Initial High Price: The auction starts with a relatively high price to discourage immediate large purchases by bots and whales.

  2. Price Decreases Over Time: With each block, the price of the token decreases, enabling investors to enter the auction at a valuation they find reasonable.

  3. Commitment Guarantee: When an investor commits to a price, they are guaranteed that price or a lower one, depending on the auction's progression.

  4. Ending Conditions: The auction concludes either when all tokens are sold, it reaches the predetermined floor price, or the set time limit expires.

  5. Uniform Final Price: All participants pay the same final price, which is also the lowest price reached during the auction.

Token Sale Results

UND SoldETH RaisedFinal UND PriceFDV

20,000,000 UND

2,068 ETH

$ 0.19

$ 19,000,000

Kickbacks and eUND Incentives

The Public Token Sale was incentivised with two bonus campaigns, in which users could either benefit from participating early on or referring new participants.

eUND Incentives

A total of 1,500,000 eUND has been distributed towards public sale participants making use of the early bird bonus.

Referral Kickbacks

Users who referred new participants received a 5% kickback on the amounts these contributed to the public sale. In total 60 ETH of the sale proceeds have been redistributed as Kickbacks to active referrers.

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