Token Distribution


Our token distribution reflects our beliefs in a fair, decentralized project that values community over VCs, airdrop farmers and mercenary LPs.
Our distribution ensures that token holder and protocol incentives are aligned and that those who provide value to the project and ecosystem are rewarded accordingly.
This is why the majority of tokens will be distributed to the community via
  • Public Token Sale
  • DEX Liquidity
  • Growth Fund
Totalling 57% of the token supply allocated to the community.



$UND can be staked or swapped anytime.
Public Sale - 20%
No pre-sale, no private rounds, no VC rounds - only one public sale to our core community. Through this sale, we raised the initial runway required to deliver all features of the Unstoppable:DEX and get to the point of sustainable revenue.
Exclusively the community started with their tokens unlocked.
DEX Liquidity - 10%
Liquidity on a public DEX to ensure there's always a liquid market for UND and encourage further distribution.


$eUND can be staked in the ecosystem or vested over 12 months into $UND.
Growth Fund - 27%
Supports incentives to bootstrap early liquidity and users, initial marketing efforts and community contributions. It is targeted to be released over 3-4 years.
Sustainability Fund - 15%
Staked in the ecosystem to generate revenue and to cover expenses for development, marketing, incentives and buybacks long-term. These tokens are never vested.
The Sustainability Fund secures the long-term viability of the project while allocations for core contributors ensure incentives are aligned to add maximum long-term value to the project.
Strategic Partnerships - 10%
Reserved for treasury swaps or OTC deals that add significant value to the Unstoppable ecosystem.
Only Public Sale tokens and initial DEX Liquidity will circulate immediately, all other tokens start as $eUND.
Team, Advisor and Partnership $eUND tokens will not vest for at least 12 months.