The Unstoppable Bridge serves : It is engineered to facilitate the entry of real-world assets (RWAs) and foreign exchange (FOREX) into the DeFi ecosystem.

By acquiring the VASP license and with our banking partners, Unstoppable will be able to create and offer trading of tokens linked to various asset classes, including precious metals and commodities, while adhering to regulatory standards.

Multi-Currency Stablecoins

Post-launch of the Unstoppable Bridge, the plan is to mint multi-currency stablecoins that will represent fiat currencies on-chain. This approach surpasses traditional derivative-based representations by providing direct backing by real assets.

Introducing RWAs into DeFi Trading

After these assets are brought on-chain, Unstoppable intends to provide both spot and margin trading markets for them. This will enable new trading opportunities directly backed by real-world assets.

Users will also have the ability to provide liquidity for margin trading in these markets, allowing them to earn yield. This adds liquidity to the market and offers a yield-generating opportunity for participants, surpassing traditional market returns for their fiat reserves.

Through these efforts, Unstoppable enhances the DeFi space with a broader asset base and creates new avenues for trading activities on the blockchain.

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