Staking in the Unstoppable ecosystem involves locking $UND and $eUND tokens to earn rewards. This process is integral for sustaining the protocol's economy and providing value back to its participants.

Staking Mechanism

UND and eUND tokens can be staked for a pro-rata share of protocol revenue. Staked tokens are locked and illiquid, however, a stake can be unstaked at anytime.

This approach ensures a sustainable and authentic 'Real Yield' for stakers, differentiating it from inflationary rewards.

Staking Multiplier Points

The longer a user maintains their stakked position, the higher your staking multiplier points. These points enhance your share of the rewards, incentivizing long-term commitment.

Vesting and Staking Rewards

$eUND tokens can be vested into $UND linearly over 12 months. While vesting, tokens are locked, do not earn rewards and not are able to participate in governance.

Once vested into $UND, these tokens gain full utility available to $UND.

Enhanced Staking Utility

Staking in the Unstoppable ecosystem is set to offer more than just yield generation. As we develop our infrastructure, stakers will unlock additional privileges:

  • Governance Rights: Stakers will have a say in key decisions affecting the ecosystem, empowering them with governance capabilities.

  • Enhanced Trading Execution: Faster and more efficient trade execution for advanced order types.

  • Discounts on Ecosystem Products: Exclusive discounts on potential future products within the Unstoppable ecosystem.

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