Spot Trading

Unstoppable DEX enhances your trading experience by leveraging existing DeFi liquidity. It allows for the execution of swaps using deep market liquidity of proven exchanges like Uniswap.

Users can set up advanced orders that automatically trigger under specific conditions, while ensuring traders keep complete custody of tokens throughout the process. This feature combines the flexibility of advanced trading with the security of asset control.

Order Types

Limit Order

A limit order lets you set a specific price to buy or sell tokens. By placing a limit order, you define the exact price point for the transaction, ensuring control over the trade execution price.

This type of order is ideal for traders looking for precision in their trading strategies.

Example: Buy 1 WETH when the price of WETH is 1800 USDC.​

Trailing Stop Order

This order type dynamically adjusts the stop price based on market fluctuations. It's set below the market price with a specified trailing amount. As the market price increases, the stop price follows suit, maintaining the set distance.

However, if the market falls, the stop price remains static, executing the order once reached. This order offers a flexible approach to risk management, adapting to market conditions.

Example: Sell 1 WETH when the price of WETH drops more than 20% from the current swap price or its highest future price.​

Dollar Cost Average (DCA) Order

This order type enables you to automate token swaps. Specify the token amount and set intervals for each swap. This feature streamlines the process of gradual token acquisition, mitigating market volatility risks.

While a DCA order is active, your funds remain in your custody. However, it's essential to maintain a sufficient token balance in your wallet, as the order will not execute if the required amount is unavailable.

Example: Buy 100 USDC worth of WETH every 12 hours, exactly 10 times.

Fee Structure

*Fee policies are flexible to maintain ecosystem health and balance.

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