Spot Trading

The Unstoppable DEX offers an enhanced trading experience by using liquidity from other DeFi exchanges like Uniswap. This allows you to execute trades with deep liquidity while maintaining full control of your tokens.

The platform supports various advanced order types that trigger automatically based on your specified conditions.

Limit Orders

A limit order allows you to buy or sell tokens at a specific price that you set. The order will only be executed if the market price reaches your specified price or better. The Unstoppable DEX ensures that your order is filled at the exact price and quantity you specify.

Example: Buy 1 WETH when the price of WETH is 2800 USDC.​

How Limit Orders Work

  1. Order Placement: The user specifies the exact amount of tokens they want to pay and the price at which they want to buy the target token.

  2. Order Monitoring: The 'Keeper' takes over and monitors the target asset for an opportunity to execute the trade.

  3. Trade Execution: Once a pool is found offering the desired outcome, the Keeper initiates the trade via Paraswap's Aggregator.

  4. Fill or Kill: All Limit Orders are placed in a "fill or kill" manner, meaning the order will only be executed if the entire amount of the order can be filled. If the desired quantity is not available at the specified price, the order will not be partially filled.

Dollar Cost Average (DCA) Orders

A DCA order allows you to automatically buy a token at regular intervals over a period of time. This strategy helps to mitigate the impact of market volatility on your investments.

Example: Buy 100 USDC worth of WETH every 12 hours, exactly 10 times.

How DCA Orders Work

  1. Order Placement: Users specify the token they want to buy, the amount to invest per interval, the frequency of purchases, and the total number of purchases.

  2. Execution: The DCA Keeper monitors the market conditions and executes the DCA orders automatically based on the user's specified parameters until the order is completely filled or cancelled.

  3. Price References: The DCA Keeper uses Paraswap and Coingecko as price references to ensure accurate execution of orders.

  4. Price Divergence Protection: If the prices diverges significantly from the reference prices, the DCA order will not be executed. This protects users from buying at unfavorable rates due to excessive market volatility.

    1. Retry Mechanism: In case of price divergence, the DCA Keeper will postpone the order execution and retry at an increasing interval. Instead of waiting for the next scheduled cycle, the Keeper will attempt to execute the order again in the following minutes.

    2. Mathematical Variation: The retry intervals are not fixed but rather follow a mathematical pattern that introduces slight variations to the timing. This unpredictability further enhances the front-running protection by making it more difficult for potential attackers to anticipate the exact moment of order execution.

  5. Front-Running Protection: To prevent front-running by other market participants, the DCA Keeper adds a small random delay (salt) to the execution time. This makes it harder for potential attackers to predict and exploit the exact moment of the order execution.

Risk Mitigation

The DCA Keeper is a centralized permissioned executor. In the event that the DCA Keeper is compromised, there is a potential risk that the executions could be performed with faulty amounts.

To avoid this the price divergence protection mechanism and the use of external price references (Paraswap and Coingecko) help to mitigate this risk by ensuring that orders are only executed when the prices are within acceptable ranges.

Trailing Stop Orders

A trailing stop order allows you to sell tokens when the price drops by a set percentage from the highest price reached after placing the order. The trailing stop order helps you protect your profits and limit your losses by automatically adjusting the stop price based on market movements.

Example: Sell 1 WETH when the price of WETH drops more than 20% from the current swap price or its highest future price.​

Fund Custody

While having open limit, trailing stop, or DCA orders, your funds will remain in your wallet's custody. Ensure you have sufficient token balance in your wallet, as the order will not execute if the required amount is unavailable.

Fee Structure

ActionExecution FeeRecipient

Market Swap



Limit Order


$UND / $eUND Stakers

DCA Order

0.1% per execution

$UND / $eUND Stakers

Trailing Stop Order


$UND / $eUND Stakers

*Fees may be adjusted to maintain ecosystem health and balance.

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