The Unstoppable:Wallet is a safe and secure, user-friendly, self-custodial wallet.
A wallet that not only crypto natives like ourselves enjoy using as our primary wallet, but one that also lowers the barrier to entry significantly for newcomers and crypto-curious people alike.
If you can manage an email account or open a Google account, you will be comfortable setting up your own crypto wallet with the Unstoppable:Wallet.
With an uncompromising focus on an intuitive user experience, supported by familiar web2-like flows (where relevant) making the crypto user experience easy to access for DeFi for experts and novices alike.
On the technical side, the Unstoppable:Wallet focuses on two core technologies:
  1. 1.
    Account abstraction
  2. 2.
Both are backed by an advanced smart contract wallet.
The first version of the Unstoppable:Wallet will focus on account abstraction and deep integration with the Unstoppable:DEX, providing easy and simple access to DeFi liquidity and leverage from your phone.
The next iteration of the Unstoppable:Wallet will introduce the application independent smart contract wallet with advanced features such as
  • Multiple recovery options
  • Multisig confirmation based on custom limit
  • Time-locks & notifications on sensitive actions
  • Contract verifications/trusted contract list
  • Account inheritance
  • Notifications/messaging
  • Portfolio management
  • Tax export
  • and more...