The Unstoppable:DEX is the core product of the Unstoppable ecosystem.
Instead of building a DEX to compete with existing DEXs like Uniswap, Sushiswap, GMX, etc the Unstoppable:DEX builds on top of these proven liquidity sources to provide:
  • An advanced Spot trading experience, not seen on Uniswap/Sushiswap
  • And a next-generation margin trading experience not possible on platforms like GMX.


Unstoppable:DEX Spot provides all the advanced order types available on a CEX but rarely seen in DeFi.
  • Buy & Sell Limit Orders
  • Trailing Stop Loss
  • DCA (Dollar-Cost-Average)
An exchange is only as good as the trades you can execute there. Traders must be able to trade in size without being exposed to excessive slippage or position constraints. Unstoppable:DEX enables this by aggregating existing deep liquidity sources.
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We provide unique solutions for margin trading by building on top of existing DeFi liquidity and backing all our trades 1:1 with the underlying asset (borrowed from our LPs), providing safe and under-collateralized borrowing options for our traders.
When opening a trade instead of competing against LPs (like GMX) you are simply borrowing single-sided liquidity. This allows Unstoppable to back all leveraged trads 1:1 with spot assets.
This design removes the need to keep Open Interest balanced like on other platforms, meaning there are no Open Interest caps or position size limits for our traders.
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Providing Liquidity

LPs provide funds for traders to lever up in the form of single-sided deposits, for example ETH and USDC.
Traders then borrow these deposits to take leveraged positions. Borrow fees are then paid out to LPs in ETH and USDC.
No impermanent loss.
No taking the opposing side of traders.
No counterparty risk.
Just providing single sided liquidity and earning RealYield on your ETH & USDC.
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