Product Ecosystem

The Unstoppable Ecosystem is built on 3 core pillars

Each pillar provides value independently but the true strength of the Unstoppable ecosystem lies in the synergistic relationship between its three pillars.

Pillar 1. DEX

The DEX is not just a complete replacement for a crypto native’s trading needs, but it also provides the foundational infrastructure in the form of spot and margin trading and single-sided LPing.
It will be the foundation for simplified savings and investment products accessible to anyone through the Wallet.
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Pillar 2. Bridge

The Bridge will not just provide the infrastructure to capture a part of the 7 trillion per day off-chain FX market and bring volume to the DEX, but also provide the direct fiat to crypto rails for all our users.

Pillar 3. Wallet

The Wallet does not only provide easy access to DeFi and crypto for anyone, but its deep integration into the DEX, Bridge and FX makes those markets and features accessible to a whole new user group and enables growing the overall crypto ecosystem by orders of magnitude.
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