DYOR One Pager

What is Unstoppable?

We are a mission-focused project.
We are crypto natives.
We are here to add value to the space, the community and the world.

Our Why

We build to enable & inspire everyone to become self-sovereign and financially free.
We create value for our community, not corporate greed.
We are here to change the world together.
We are Unstoppable.

How will we do that?

Step 1: Build a decentralized, feature-complete alternative for centralized exchanges.

This will be the foundation for everything.
The first focus is a margin trading exchange with:
  • High leverage, low slippage, low fees
  • Single-sided LPing without impermanent loss
  • RealYield for stakers
  • Last but not least: great UX

Step 2: Launch our instant fiat-to-crypto on- & off-ramp

  • Making crypto usable in the real world.
  • This, together with the DEX will also enable 24/7 on-chain FX trading (and later any RWA through the same infrastructure)
Step 3: Launch a normie-friendly self-custodial wallet.
  • Reducing the barriers to entry, simplifying access and enabling mass adoption.
  • Familiar web2 sign-up flows, sign transactions with FaceID and with the help of account abstraction, never worry about gas, transactions, blockchains or any of the underlying infrastructure - unless you want to.

Funding & Tokensale

To stay true to our mission and values we said “no” to more than 7 figures of VC money, we didn’t do any private, seed or angel rounds.
The UND token was launched in a public sale in a fair launch format. 2068 ETH was raised.
Tokensale website:
How a Fair Launch should look like:

UND Tokenomics Cliff notes:

Total/Max supply is 100M.
30M starting as UND.
70M starting as eUND.
The only way to increase the circulating supply of UND is by vesting eUND over 12 months.

Deep dive into our dual token model:

Addressable Markets

Which markets is Unstoppable addressing, what are the TAMs, margins and potential revenues?
Important: Double check all source values yourself! Enter your own assumptions about average fees in each category and how much market share Unstoppable could realistically capture!

Margin DEX Beta (Testnet)

Spot DEX Alpha (Mainnet)

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Important Addresses

$UND - Unstoppable Ecosystem Token

  • Circulating supply: 30M
  • Locked: 70M (can only be unlocked by vesting eUND over 12 months) - currently in treasury, lock contract is being reviewed as we speak
  • Max supply: 100M (Theoretical if all eUND was ever vested into UND)

Trading on Uniswap

⚠️ Make sure you’re connected to the Arbitrum network!

$eUND - earned UND token

  • Circulating supply: 70M
  • Max supply: 70M
  • Is burnt when vested into $UND

Treasury Multisig


Operations Multisig


Tokensale contract address